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-D.J. Eshelman

God Created You With Talents for Use in ALL of Your Life

(not just your hobbies)

In more than 20 years of traveling as a consultant, reflecting as an author, and deep coaching conversations – I have come to a stunning conclusion: Far too many people do not recognize that they were created with a purpose with unique talents given as gifts that complement the lack of others.

I see so many people going to jobs they hate. Living unfulfilled lives. Existing paycheck to paycheck with no plan beyond next month. We are living in a world with shockingly few legacies. Passion is relegated to angry responses on social media.

This is not what God intended for us!

We all have value as well as potential. But unfortunately, if you do not take steps to discover your value for yourself, the modern world (and yes, the modern church) is not likely to tell you what it is.

For many years now I’ve felt burdened with this knowledge but not sure how to help – or who to help!

During four consecutive periods of fasting, the same themes kept appearing:

  • The Parable of Talents has meaning for our vocation as well as our faith life.
  • We are not meant to be alone in discovering our talents.
  • We are meant to partner with others with other talents that complement our own.

How Many Talents?

11 Talents was a concept that was revealed to me during a fast in mid 2019 while studying a new translation of the Parable of Talents by Brian Simmons of the Passion Translation (who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and talking to since). What was revealed to me was a progression of mindset and methods of a servant who had become worthy of being trusted with not only 5 talents which was turned into 10… but trusted with yet another – making it 11. The Passion translation referred to this man as a “Steward” of the resources (Talents) which he’d been given.

The story doesn’t end there. Another word stood out to me as I studied this often frustrating and confusing parable.
That word was “also.”
As in, the servant entrusted with two talents also did what he saw the five-talent servant do!

My calling was now clear. I was not only to be entrusted with my talents, but the talents of others… and to INSPIRE and EQUIP those with a desire to invest in the talents they have been given!

With this perspective in mind, I began to watch, learn, and alter my coaching practices.

The result?

A framework is forming to guide you on a path to investing in your talents – regardless of your vocational direction – employee, non-profit, homemaker, ministry, or entrepreneur – we all have ways we can grow in our satisfaction, financial preparedness, and service!

Portfolio of Preparedness

In another period of fasting, God showed me something about Ecclesiastes chapter 11 (yes… 11) that brought yet more into focus. To paraphrase: “Ship your grain across the seas. Invest in seven, even eight ventures – for you do not know what calamity may come on the land.”

What has become clear to me is that while not every person should be an Entrepreneur – Godly wisdom says to prepare by spreading your investments (time, talents, finances) wider – something I’ve come to call building a Portfolio of Preparedness.

This Portfolio was something that as it turned out would be more important to me personally during 2021 than I could have imagined – as a whopping three business ventures all failed to produce the needed financial fruit they would have needed to support me on their own. In other words, had I ‘put all my eggs into one basket’ – I would have faced financial ruin.

It is for this reason that I’m passionate about sharing this wisdom whenever I can and encouraging others to build the portfolio that is right for them. I am not qualified to give financial guidance professionally – but I’m very qualified to share what I am learning along the way and intend to do just that!

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